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Tracking recent news about women’s leadership

AWESOME has collected some of the most enlightening information available recently that realities and thinking related to women’s leadership:

Working Mothers magazine releases its 30th annual list of 100 Best Companies for working moms. Only two companies have made the list every one of those 30 years: Johnson & Johnson, host of AWESOME’s 2015 Symposium, and IBM.

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Report finds women still a long way from equity in the workplace
“Women in the Workplace 2015,” a joint project of Leanin.org and McKinsey, recently found that although “female leadership is an imperative for organizations that want to perform at the highest levels…women face greater barriers to advancement and a steeper path to senior leadership.” Analysts also project that “based on the slow rate of progress over the last three years, it will take twenty-five years to reach gender parity at the senior-VP level and more than one hundred years in the C-suite.”

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Ted Talk highlights why gender equity is good for men, too
Michael Kimmel, author of “Angry White Men,” says in his Ted Talk that gender equality is the way for men to have the lives they want, too. Especially young men want to be partners in life with someone and to share work and family responsibilities.

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