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November 14, 2019 | AWESOME Regional Event

AWESOME comes to the Northeastern U.S.

The next AWESOME regional event will take place on November 14, 2019, at the Hyatt House Jersey City just outside New York City.

The sponsor for the event is Clarkston Consulting.

Watch for more details soon.

Past Regional Events

Regional Event: March 7, 2019 – University Club of Chicago, Downtown Chicago, Illinois

Sponsored by AWESOME Connector, Hassett Express

Regional Event: November 29, 2018 – The Georgian Club, Atlanta, Georgia

The evening included the opportunity for senior leaders to connect and participate in an interactive program on the critical skill of building strategic business relationships.

Sponsored by AWESOME Connector, Clarkston Consulting

Regional Event: March 1, 2018 – St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco

The March 1 event focused on content made available through the Stanford University’s Center for the Advancement of Women’s Leadership and designed to help leaders strengthen their network as a powerful leadership tool.

One of the evening’s attendees tweeted: “I so enjoyed the networking event last night. I met the most amazing women.” And “Thank you, AWESOME, for a stimulating and fun event.”

Others commented, “This was my first time attending an AWESOME event. Given great feedback from a colleague, I traveled to town to attend. Great group of senior leaders…” and “Great event. Right balance of structured conversation and informal relationship building.”

Sponsor for this event was IMPACT Group.

Regional Event: November 9, 2017 – Four Seasons Dallas at Las Colinas in Texas

Feedback about the value of regional networking from those who attended the November 9 event was enthusiastic and positive. In addition to dinner and informal networking, participants — a mix of senior executives previously involved in AWESOME and others who had not connected with the organization prior to this event — engaged in a moderated discussion on building and strengthening their own strategic, dynamic network.

Sponsor for this event was Clarkston Consulting.

Feedback from the event included these comments:

    • The size of the group made it easy to connect with many people at one time.
    • Good kick-off event and hope this type of event will be moved forward.
    • More regional events! Great to be able to connect in the middle of the year in a small setting.
    • Excellent quality of attendees combined with fun and informative conversation. 

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