Sponsorship Benefits

Guiding Principle for AWESOME Symposium Sponsorships:

Relationships with sponsor companies will be based on our shared values and common goals. We have created sponsorship opportunities that provide meaningful participation and demonstrate genuine commitment.

Sponsors will enjoy these benefits and privileges
(in accordance with sponsorship level)

  • Recognition in Symposium materials before, during and after the event. These recognition opportunities include the AWESOME website and the Symposium website, Symposium materials, recognition at the event and in follow-up materials. Recognition will highlight each company’s focus on diversity and women’s leadership and their support of AWESOME objectives.
  • Participation in the Symposium (number of participants varies according to sponsorship level). Sponsors’ representatives are invited to participate fully in select Symposium activities, while refraining from overt marketing and selling of the company’s products and services.
  • Opportunity to contribute logo items to welcome bag for participants (varies according to sponsorship level).
  • Additional engagement opportunities with the AWESOME network during and after the Symposium (varies according to sponsorship level).

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits


For additional information or to become a sponsor, please contact

Jennifer Krueger
1 (847) 635-4382
Heather Sheehan
1 (202) 422-2153

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