2015 Panels

Session 1: Strategy in Action
Leading for the Future / Supply Chain Megatrends

This panel of accomplished women leaders representing a diverse set of supply chain roles and industries will share their insights about supply chain leadership today and into the future. What megatrends are influencing supply chains today? What skills will be required to lead supply chain organizations successfully in the future? What are these leaders doing to prepare themselves and their organizations to navigate the changing global landscape? What unique opportunities do these megatrends present for women’s leadership? How can supply chain leaders position their companies for future success?

Session 2 Collaborative Conversations (For Emerging Leaders Only)

Emerging leaders will interact in an open and informal setting with senior women leaders in supply chain who will share their stories about their career path, building blocks that were important to their success, steps they took to advance their careers, and how they overcame challenges along the way. Discussion will focus on taking ownership of your own personal career journey and overcoming challenges to achieve career goals. This session is meant to be very informal, engaging, and interactive.

Session 3: Collaboration in Action
Working Together for Impact: A Candid Conversation

This all-male panel of senior supply chain leaders will engage in open and honest dialogue about the opportunities and barriers to the advancement of women leaders. What are the key factors that get in the way? How can men at the top make a difference and make sponsorship successful? What challenges do male leaders face in their sponsorship efforts? How can men and women work together to ensure success?

Session 4: Engagement in Action
Advancing Women Leaders – Emerging Leaders’ Point of View

Four emerging leaders will share their insights from the day, with reflections and take-aways from the panel discussions, Fireside Chat with senior leaders, and buzz sessions. Hear their points of view on steps they can take to advance their careers, opportunities and challenges they face, career goals and steps to achieve them, and ways organizations and senior leaders can support their career development and advancement. What suggestions do they have to help senior leaders become more effective sponsors, advocates, and mentors? What do they see as the critical development needs of emerging leaders in their organizations? From their perspective, what are the barriers to advancing women leaders in supply chain?

Session 5: Inspiration in Action
Leading Through Change with Stories of Success – C-Suite Perspectives

Susan Packard will set the stage for this discussion with observations and insights from her recently published book New Rules of the Game: 10 Strategies for Women in the Workplace. This panel of accomplished women will then share their personal stories and offer insights about how they achieved success. How did they recognize opportunities and position themselves to take advantage of them? What motivated them along the way? What challenges did they face and how did they overcome them? What advice they have for women leaders in their journey to the C-Suite?

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