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Understanding decision behavior can lead to more successful negotiations

According to an article in Fast Company, people who understand decision behavior have an advantage when it comes to negotiations, including asking for a raise. The article, written by, Vivian Giang, focuses on six things people commonly do that can negatively impact the outcome of negotiations.

The author cites research and quotes Jared Curhan, a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management, who teaches a two-day negotiation for executives course, in offering six negotiation mistakes to avoid. They include:

  • Not making the first offer (when it’s beneficial to do so)
  • Focusing too much on ideal outcomes
  • Accepting the other party’s first offer too quickly
  • Using the same tactics in both short-term and long-term negotiations
  • Judging others based on their actions
  • Assuming you know what’s most valuable to the other party
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