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Three women with unique connections to McDonald’s will speak at AWESOME Symposium

On June 10, Day One of the 2020 AWESOME Symposium hosted by McDonald’s, AWESOME leaders will hear the career and leadership stories of three women who have special connections to McDonald’s. They are Meredith Ellis, a 2nd Generation rancher; Nicole Enearu, who, with her sister, owns and operates 18 McDonald’s restaurants; and Sheila Penrose, a McDonald’s board member.

Meredith Ellis refers to her family’s 3000-acre ranch in Rosston, Texas, as her “national park.” Using her Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture with a focus on sustainability, she seeks to break down traditional paradigms of ranching from the conventional conquering and “mining” of the land mindset to a more maternal approach of keeping nature in balance while relying on science and technology to inform her decision making. Meredith sits on the board of the Integrity Beef Alliance, and the ranch is a member of the United States Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Read her bio

After earning her BA in Psychology and MA in Educational Psychology and working for 10 years in the field of social services, Nicole Enearu decided to join her mother as a McDonald’s Franchisee. After both she and her sister completed training in McDonald’s Next Generation program, they now own and operate 18 restaurants. Nicole is dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of the people who work and live in the neighborhoods in which she does business, including hosting numerous “McFundraiser’s” to support local schools, teams, churches and community organizations. Read her bio

Sheila Penrose, who serves on the McDonald’s board and chairs the Sustainability and Responsibility Committee, is Chairman of the Board of JLL Inc., a F200 global real estate services company. Sheila was the first woman on Northern Trust Corporation’s Management Committee as President of Corporate and Institutional Services, and then served as Executive Advisor to Boston Consulting Group. She is a founding member of the 30% Club in the US, which advances women on corporate boards, and serves on the steering committee of several initiatives at the World Economic Forum. Read her bio

The Symposium will be held June 10-12 in Chicago. Invitations have been emailed to AWESOME leaders, and registration is open. VIEW AGENDA

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