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These steps may facilitate finding mentors in the #metoo era

As important has having a mentor may be, many people believe that in the #metoo era, men are more reluctant to mentor women. An article on forbes.com suggests men who were successfully mentoring before will continue to do so and offers other suggestions for finding a mentor.

The advice of author Tami Forman, Executive Director of Path Forward, includes:

    Seek out men who’ve been mentors to women in the past.

    Broaden your definition of “mentorship.” (She says, “Raise your hand for projects that give you a chance to work with different executives, ask for feedback when you work on those projects and consider ways to get involved in industry or community projects that will allow you to work with senior leaders outside your company.”)

    Be smart about finding mentorship from women.

    Build a #squad. Senior level mentors are important, but don’t ignore peer-level relationships.

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