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Together we will OWN the UNKNOWN at the 2023 AWESOME Symposium!

On May 3 & 4, AWESOME will be hosting our 10th Annual AWESOME Symposium event in Chicago. To mark this important milestone in AWESOME’s history, we are partnering with Lincoln Road Enterprises to create the most extraordinary Symposium to date!

We believe there is no better way to commemorate the last 10 years, and prepare for the next, than by partnering with an organization who shares our mission of advancing women’s leadership. Lincoln Road is a transformative organization. They are invested in creating a better world for everyone, and they believe that starts by recognizing, valuing, and (most of all) using the innate gifts women bring to leadership. Their areas of focus are some of the most important to our collective future—business, supply chain, engineering and technology, infrastructure and design, and space—and their vision is a future in which women are at the forefront of these spaces.

As we embark on the next decade, we know that it will be the most challenging, and most rewarding, we’ve ever had…so, now is the time to come together as a community. Now is the time to embrace the change before us, and OWN the unknown without fear!

Lincoln Road and AWESOME are ready to create the FUTURE. We share a transformational mission and vision to advance women’s leadership, and we cannot wait to “Own the Unknown” and create a better future with you at the 2023 AWESOME Symposium!

AWESOME’s signature event – a Symposium that brings together women in diverse supply chain roles throughout the supply chain – has been held every year from 2013 through 2019. The AWESOME Symposium taps into the unique experiences of senior women leaders in supply chain through expert talks, group conversations, and interactive sessions. In addition to hearing from top women and other leaders, AWESOME leaders have the opportunity to network with colleagues and make valuable new connections.

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