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Special Feature: AWESOME Advisory Board


Who are members of the AWESOME Board of Advisors?

They are 22 women whose experience in senior leadership roles represents the spectrum of Supply Chain. We have current and former CEOs, Presidents, COOs, Chief Supply Chain Officers, Chief Procurement Officers, Chief Sustainability Officers, EVPs, SVPs, VPs, Managing Directors, Executive Directors, Operating Advisors, Professors and Entrepreneurs.

In terms of education and degrees, we have 12 MBAs, 4 PhDs, and undergraduate and master’s degrees in engineering, computer science, business, economics, math, quantitative analytics, logistics, comparative government, education, marketing, and more.

Geographically, we have 8 from the Midwest, 6 from the Northeast, 2 from the Southeast, 2 from the Northwest, 1 from the East Coast, 1 from the West Coast, 1 from Texas, and 1 from London.

According to ANN Drake, AWESOME Founder and Chairman, “This diversity of backgrounds, roles, and locales is what makes the collaboration of the AWESOME Advisory Board so effective. They connect us to our community. They bring different experiences and perspectives to all of our discussions and decisions.”

Read bios of our AWESOME Advisors…
Who are they and what experience do they bring to AWESOME?

We welcome our newest members:

Regenia Sanders
Principal/Partner, EY Business Consulting
Read Bio

Stephanie Thomas, PhD
Associate Professor of Practice of Supply Chain Management in the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.
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Taking their places as official Advisory Board Members – two longtime members of our AWESOME Leadership Team:

Heather Sheehan,
AWESOME Executive Director, 2018-2020

As Executive Director, Heather significantly increased AWESOME’s depth and breadth, adding programming, developing new partnerships, and strengthening engagement among the AWESOME community of leadership.  Before becoming AWESOME’s second Executive Director, Heather was our Director of Member Engagement and Sponsorships, where she led significant growth in participation by both senior women in supply chain and companies that actively support AWESOME and women’s leadership. Prior to that, Heather was one of the first two women to receive the AWESOME Legendary Leadership (ALL) Award (2014), when she was Vice President, Indirect Sourcing and Logistics, for Danaher Corporation.

Nancy Nix, PhD
AWESOME Executive Director, 2014-2017, and Executive Director Emeritus, 2018-2020

Nancy’s connection to AWESOME dates back to our earliest days in 2013, as she helped to envision and plan what AWESOME could become. As Executive Director, she built the foundation for AWESOME’s key initiatives and as Executive Director Emeritus has continued to serve as an organizer of AWESOME events and a moderator of discussions on a wide variety of topics. Previously, Nancy served as Executive Director for the EMBA program and Professor of Supply Chain Practice at Texas Christian University’s Neely School of Business and before that, had a successful career in manufacturing, logistics, procurement and customer service for the DuPont Company and as VP of Logistics for Reliance Industries Ltd., in Mumbai, India. In 2017, she became the second woman in more than 50 years to receive CSCMP’s Distinguished Service Award.

With gratitude to one of our AWESOME “originals” …Tracy Drake

Tracy Drake is completing her tenure as Senior Director of Events and External Relations. During AWESOME’s early years, from 2013 through 2014, when Founder Ann Drake was CEO of DSC Logistics and DSC played a central hand in bringing AWESOME to life, Tracy was a member of that core team, identifying potential members for the community, planning the ​first and subsequent annual Symposiums and other events, and helping to launch the Advisory Board. Over the next few years, her role as DSC’s Director, Marketing Communications, transitioned to a position as Director and then Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships & Diversity, while she continued to provide support for AWESOME events. Over the past two years, working full-time for AWESOME, Tracy has been instrumental in building sponsor relationships, facilitating Advisor activities, and strengthening community engagement​ through Regional Events. She has also had a major impact on AWESOME Excellence in Education Scholarships, developing the community-building LinkedIn page for Scholars and ​assisting in the launch ​of other innovative Scholars’ programs.

Thank you for your Advisory Board service:

Sarah Pfaff
AWESOME Advisor from 2014-2020
EY’s US Coordinating Partner & former Head of EY’s Supply Chain and Operations Practice

Sarah has served in various roles at EY, including leading EY’s multi-faceted advisory board on outsourcing, complex procurement transactions and multi-provider governance as well as spearheading EY’s Supply Chain diversity initiatives. Additionally, Sarah founded A.T. Kearney Procurement Solutions (formerly known as eBreviate) and a boutique consulting firm. She earned an undergraduate degree from Washington State University and MBA in Operations Management from University of California, Los Angeles.

Trish Young
AWESOME Advisor from 2015-2020
Former VP Strategic Enterprise Capabilities, Value Systems, NIKE, Inc.

During her tenure at Nike, Trish held various roles including starting at the company as a Customer Service Representative in Memphis, Tennessee, and working her way up to the VP of North American Supply Chain Operations. Trish was Ann Drake’s co-host for the 2016 AWESOME Symposium when Nike hosted the event at their Beaverton, Oregon, global headquarters outside of Portland. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. Trish graduated with a degree from Louisiana Tech University.

Meet all members of our Board of Advisors and Read more about the impact of AWESOME Advisors.

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