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Senior Executive gives advice on helping women advance

A member of the Forbes Coaches Council, who believes that “there are lots of great executives who want to do everything they can to help women leaders,” has formulated six strategies she’s learned while climbing the corporate ladder to be a senior bank executive.

On Forbes.com, Karen Dee gives details on these six tips:

  • Appreciate, but don’t give in to the need for perfection. (See also the recent AWESOME news item on keeping perfectionism in check.)
  • Encourage women to raise their hand even if they don’t meet all the qualifications.
  • Leverage women’s social awareness and relationship management skills.
  • Teach and talk to women about the business, strategy and financials.
  • Invite women into the conversation.
  • Encourage and support work-life balance.

Karen Dee is an executive coach and Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Accendo Leadership Advisory Group. Her previous position as an executive in the banking industry was serving as Fifth Third Bank Regional President for Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. The Forbes Coaches Council is an invitation-only organization of leading business coaches and career coaches.

Helping other women advance is one of the areas addressed by AWESOME in the 2019 AWESOME Action Agenda: Seven Smart Moves to Make Bigger Waves for Women’s Leadership. Watch for more details in early September.

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