AWESOME Scholar Spotlight

Meghan Tomassetti

Meghan Tomassetti is a 2018 AWESOME Excellence in Education Scholar who graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Supply Chain Management. She is currently a Financial Analyst with JP Morgan Chase.

In some ways, Meghan may have “inherited” her future career, but she didn’t know it. 

Her grandfather started a small drink distribution company, and when his two sons – one of them being Meghan’s dad – began running the company, Meghan was introduced to many of the processes she only later recognized as being part of an entire industry. She watched demand planning and forecasting in action, but it wasn’t until her first supply chain course at Syracuse University that she knew what’s she’d been seeing. Then she found it so interesting to be able to apply the concepts she was learning to her family’s business, she decided to major in supply chain management. 

Since finding out about supply chain – and developing her knowledge base through courses, activities and internships — Meghan has charted her own course. The topic that has always interested her most is supply chain optimization. She says, “Whether it be through Blockchain technology or Six Sigma, companies are always looking for ways to make a process more efficient in terms of time and money. I find that developing an eye for optimization is extremely beneficial, as it transcends supply chain management and can be applied to a variety of situations.”

In one of her SCM courses her junior year in college, the assignment was to make an everyday process lean. Meghan and her group set out to reduce the service time at their campus coffee shop. By observing the staff serve customers and mapping out the process, her group was able to apply their learnings about supply chain optimization, analyze the situation, and cut the service time nearly in half. 

Through Meghan’s current work as a Financial Analyst at JPMorgan Chase & Co., she is finding that supply chain plays a major role in all kinds of companies. “I’ve learned that providing a financial service to a customer requires just as much oversight and planning as the production and delivery of a physical good to an end user.” By taking a course on automation that focused on making reoccurring processes more efficient for my team, Meghan was able leverage her background in supply chain management – specifically, optimization – and streamline processes for her team. 

Meghan thinks supply chain is an exciting career choice because there is such a variety of possible roles. By working as an intern on the technology side for Nestle Waters North America, she learned about inputting and tracking purchase orders and invoices. She’s attended factory tours where she learned about quality control and production processes. “There are so many stops along the supply chain, all of which have something interesting to offer.”

Her advice for other women entering an industry that is largely male is to not be afraid to pursue their dreams and challenge the status quo. Meghan also recommends they build a support system within the field, which they can do by getting involved in a female-led supply chain organization such as AWESOME.

Congratulations Meghan!

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