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New survey offers insights on supply chain salaries

Logistics Management has released results of its 2017 Supply Chain Salary Survey. The findings and a discussion by a panel including AWESOME Leaders will be featured in a webcast at 2 pm EDT on Thursday, June 15.

For the first time, the survey took a more detailed look at how women are competing in the logistics management profession.

The survey findings include:

    • More women are likely to be involved with import/export operations.
    • Women say the number of functions in their job has increased over the past 2 years to 3 years.
    • More women than men are planning to take continuing education programs or classes during the next 12 months because they believe a class or program will lead them to earn a better salary.
    • A greater ratio of women believe that there are advancement opportunities.
    • Women are more likely to find job fairs, trade media and social media helpful in learning more about opportunities for better paying jobs in the logistics management marketplace.

However, according to researchers, there’s considerable data suggesting that women appear more dissatisfied with lack of recognition and promotion to leadership positions—a conclusion echoed in a recent interview with a prominent executive recruiter.

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