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New “Reality Check” will be released September 27

Highlights of observations and insights collected at the 2015 annual AWESOME Symposium have been compiled in the fourth volume of REALITY CHECK — The New Realities of Women’s Supply Chain Leadership. The report will be distributed at the annual conference of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) in San Diego beginning September 27 and can be downloaded as a pdf on this web site beginning September 28.

Volume Four describes six realities that surfaced in discussions and up-close conversations at the Symposium. They are:

  • The role of “Chief Supply Chain Officer” is being added to more executive leadership teams.
  • It is no longer surprising or controversial to say that women’s leadership is good for business.
  • There is agreement that men need to be involved if women are to take steps forward – and many are eager to do so.
  • More frequently than in the past, companies are taking specific actions to promote diversity and remove barriers.
  • The integration of work and family is gaining increased attention – and beginning to be seen as an issue that does not belong exclusively to women.
  • Women are encouraging other women to be authentic in their leadership roles.

One of AWESOME’s priorities, since it was founded in early 2013, has been collecting and compiling a listening-based record of up-to-date thinking about women’s supply chain leadership. All volumes of REALITY CHECK are available on this web site.

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