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Navigating the Future of Work

During this event, we had an insightful LIGHTING Round conversation with an amazing group of AWESOME Leaders who shared their views about the future of work. This topic generated a lot of discussion! We heard thoughtful stories and insights about expected (and unexpected!) changes that have occurred over the last 3 years and how we, as women leaders in supply chain, can navigate them effectively moving forward.

Here are some takeaways from the event:

  • Building a trusted relationship is very hard to do just over the phone…zoom certainly helps. But if you’re interacting with people that are in an office, having that opportunity to be in person and getting ‘the hallway talk’ and being able to pick up more than just the subject matter that you’re discussing adds to building trust, which is harder to do when you’re not in person.
  • There’s definitely a generational divide between people, like millennials, who embraced working from home. I was able to manage and develop my managers a hundred percent remotely during the pandemic and successfully got a couple of them promoted to seniors to higher levels. It can all be done if you have the intentionality behind it.
  • We’ve closed the gap on getting people in the door, and now it’s keeping them here for longer than a year. A lot of that is meeting people where they are and how they learn the best.
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