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Participants in the 2014 AWESOME Symposium talked about ways to successfully navigate a new leadership role, whether the company has a helpful onboarding program or not. Regardless of the level of support offered by the company, the woman needs to take responsibility for the way she assumes a new role. The only person who can “make it happen” is the woman herself. Participants offered these suggestions:

  • Completely understand who the customer is.
  • Learn about the company, learn about the values.
  • Get the best talent, get everyone collaborating, make sure everyone understands everyone and goes the same direction, and be transparent with your team.
  • Create an environment where people love to come to work.
  • Prioritize – say “These are two or three things we have to do first.” They are “quick hits.” They will deliver immediate value to the shareholder.

These and other key insights are included in Reality Check Vol 3

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