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Nancy Nix serves as conference chair of CIO Forum

Nancy Nix, Executive Director Emeritus of AWESOME, spoke to participants of the 20th Annual Logistics CIO Forum about ensuring deployment of technology as a strategic competitive weapon. Nancy served as conference chair of the event in Austin, Texas.

In her powered by AWESOME remarks, Nancy challenged the Logistics CIOs to answer these questions:

    • As technology leaders, do you have a seat at the table in your company’s strategic planning process? Are you connected to your customers’ strategies?
    • Are you focusing on an integrated view of supply chain and its contribution?
    • Do you have a clear view of how competitors are positioned from a technology viewpoint?
    • Do leaders in your organization understand new technologies and capabilities they bring?
    • Are you focused on technology as a tool to deliver customer value? Lower cost? Are you communicating in terms of metrics that matter?
    • Are you positioning your organization for current and future success?

She also reminded the audience there is a shortage of talent and that the ability to attract diverse candidates and people with critical technology skills is essential to success.

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