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Male Leaders Will Discuss What They’ve Learned about Advancing Women

At the AWESOME Symposium – June 10-12 in Chicago — five male leaders who have personal experience with efforts to achieve gender parity will share lessons learned about what works and what doesn’t. Leading the session will be Brandon Miller, Diversity Chair, Manager & Diversity Services Lead, Clarkston Consulting.

Panelists for the discussion include Phil McDivitt, CEO, Ascend Performance Materials; Doug Gish, Global Enterprise Technology & Performance Leader, Deloitte Consulting; Jason Reiman, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Hershey; and Girish Rishi, CEO, JDA.

Drawing from his experience as the Diversity Services Lead for Clarkston, Brandon Miller will provide insights on how companies are able to mitigate unconscious biases and build diverse, inclusive and equitable workplaces. In the discussion that follows, panelists will talk about ways men and women can work together to inspire, lead and accelerate transformation.

Symposium invitations have been emailed to AWESOME leaders, and registration is open.

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