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Lessons Learned About the Power of Control Towers

Lessons Learned About the Power of Control Towers

On Wednesday, June 28, we had an amazing TLP discussion about building supply chain control towers. Our incredible panelists were energized about the topic and shared their incredible wisdom on data visibility, connecting people and processes, and the overall benefits of control towers.  

Here are some highlights of what our AWESOME Leaders shared…  

  • Going beyond visibility, to utilize data to predict outcomes and orchestrate decisions. At Aero, our control towers actually provide recommendations on what business decisions you should make from the data visibility that you have.  
  • It’s important for it to be cross-functional because then you can uncover insights and decisions at the intersection of business functions.  
  • There are five principles that make control towers effective: Connect to environment to increase agility, to rapidly respond, research optimization, identify and put workforce strategy in the right place and at the right time, and lean into transparency to give us all holistic decision making.  
  • Our purpose was to build that orchestration layer to digitality enable end-to-end supply chain for us to get information to our patients and customers faster. In order for us to do that, we needed a cross-functional team of marketing, finance, and supply chain professionals… We needed our cross-functional teams to have that information at their fingertips to help them make those decisions quicker. Remove those silos not only from a data perspective but also from a process and people perspective. 

For all of you who joined us – thank you! We hope to see you all there next time.

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