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Leaders say operating from purpose improves well-being

An article in the Korn Ferry newsletter — written by Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence — ties the idea of being purpose-driven to being successful. Paying attention to employees ‘ interests and needs, he writes, can re-connect the “missing link between work and well-being.”

He draws from a recent study where Korn Ferry interviewed 30 founders, CEOs, and senior executives at consumer companies with “visible and authentic purposes, engaged employees, customer-oriented cultures, and strong financial results.”

What the study found was that not only did 100% of these leaders agree that “operating from purpose makes them more resilient” (resiliency is a hallmark of well-being), but also that purpose-driven organizations shared four things in common:

      1. The CEO and others lead from values and purpose to make decisions.
      2. People are a top priority.
      3. Culture is reflective of human communities, as people bring their whole selves to work.
      4. Enabling practices exist in all parts of the organization.
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