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How to objectively determine your worth at work

A recent article by Gwen Moran in Fast Company magazine suggested six steps a person can take to figure out her personal value proposition. According to the article, the key to a successful negotiation is knowing what you bring to the table and how valuable it is to the other party.

The recommended steps include:

  • Look for the evidence
    Use performance reviews, 360 evaluations, and other assessment tools your employers have used to determine your strengths.
  • Create a scorecard
    Think of how those strengths and abilities matter to the decision-maker with whom you’re negotiating.
  • Rank yourself accordingly
    Spell out what you believe are the most important credentials, skills, or other attributes necessary to win over the decision-maker and put forth your best foot in each area.
  • Involve your references or mentors
    Ask them what they would say about you if asked for a recommendation? They may reveal strengths or attributes you never considered before.
  • Spot your patterns
    Review your work history, look for achievements that you’ve racked up again and again.
  • Monitor your inner voice
    Thinking about the job tasks or aspects you truly enjoy can also help you see the areas in which you’re strongest and bring more value.

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