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How girls can benefit from good fathering

In an article on inc.com, writer Jessica Stillman passes along advice about how fathers can raise their daughters to expect nothing less than equality. More than one study has shown that men who have daughters are more likely to support diversity in their organizations and in general. According to the advice in this article, they can also help prepare their daughters by they way they treat them at home.

The article offers these five suggestions for fathers:

    1. Be egalitarian at home. Several studies on the subject have concluded that if the household duties are shared by the woman and the man of the house, the gender roles don’t seem so distinct.
    2. Express your confidence in her. This can mean more than compliments; it can mean encouraging challenging activities such as running or camping.
    3. Expose her to male-dominated fields. It’s important to introduce girls to activities she might otherwise think are “for boys.”
    4. Talk about sexism. Discussing the unenlightened attitudes of some people may prepare her for when she encounters them.
    5. Create an open dialogue. Discussing important topics openly and respectfully with your daughter can teach her a valuable lesson — you are entitled to speak your mind.
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