Future Leaders

Setting out to change the future landscape of women’s supply chain leadership means that AWESOME also focuses on ways to “power up” the pipeline and help the next generation of women leaders to advance to their full potential. Senior level women express their desire and readiness to develop emerging leaders through seminars, mentoring, sponsorships, internships, scholarships and other means.

Emerging Leaders and Scholarship Recipients will participate in the 2016 AWESOME Symposium

Senior-level leaders who attend the AWESOME Symposium on April 27-29, 2016, are invited to recommend an “Emerging Leader” to also attend. Emerging leaders are defined as high-performing / high-potential individuals in a supply chain leadership role who do not yet meet the AWESOME criteria. (View AWESOME eligibility criteria.)

Emerging Leader recommendations may be made on the registration form used by AWESOME leaders who have received an invitation. AWESOME will send an invitation to the recommended individual. Opportunities for Emerging Leaders to participate are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis, so early registration is recommended. All participants who register by February 6 also will receive the First Mover rate of $395.

According to Dr. Nancy Nix, AWESOME Executive Director, “When young professionals and established leaders interact in this kind of collaborative environment, both groups come away with fresh perspectives and new ideas. Our goal is to give future leaders new insights and inspiration to advance their careers by connecting with successful women in our field”

el-panelAt last year’s Symposium programs for Emerging Leaders included interactive discussions focusing on career experiences and challenges. Specific plans for the 2016 Symposium will be announced soon.

Symposium is unique opportunity for AWESOME Scholars

University women who have so far received AWESOME Excellence in Education Scholarships are invited to attend the 2016 Symposium as guests of AWESOME. Each group of scholars (from 2013, 2014, and 2015) also attended the annual conference the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) the year they were selected. The 2016 scholarship recipients will be announced at the April 27-29 Symposium.

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Leadership Development

As one leader in the AWESOME network observed, “So far, in our field, women have achieved success as ‘the exception’ and by navigating a structure and environment developed by men for men.” AWESOME is working to change that by providing a forum for ideas and inspiring successful women in the supply chain field to re-think, re-design, and re-energize the experience and opportunities for up-and-coming supply chain leaders.

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