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“The first critical step in building an organization of high potential leaders is to hire right.”

— Roxi Bahar Hewertson, CEO, Highland Consulting Group, quoted in an article in WERCSheet, a publication of Warehousing Education & Research Council. A story about AWESOME appears on page 11 in the same issue.

In the article titled “Addressing the Leadership Challenge,” Hewertson explains, “Most organizations still hire based heavily on education and experience (technical skills) without much thought about the entire human being behind those technical skills.”

She recommends that every time a job opens, management should review the position carefully for need, intent, potential, goals, etc. before even beginning a search process.

The article also refers to a study by Deloitte identifying seven strengths related to leadership and professional competence. These include:

    • Strategic thinking and problem solving
    • Ability to collaborate across functions
    • Leading and developing others
    • Ability to persuade and communicate effectively
    • Ability to manage global/virtual teams
    • Ability to negotiate and collaborate with value chain partners
    • Ability to drive or support diversity and inclusion

The story about AWESOME, titled “Growing Supply Chain Talent,” features Sheila Benny, Optricity EVP, Immediate Past President of WERC and a member of the AWESOME network, who strongly believes that mentors must “communicate, educate and activate.”

The newly-elected Secretary-Treasurer of WERC is Annette Danek-Akey, Senior Vice President, Fulfillment Penguin Random House, Inc., also a member of AWESOME. Annette has participated as a panelist at AWESOME events.

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