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Experts offer advice on effective networking

Many executives who are pros at running meetings or making presentations still dread the informal networking at large events they find necessary but uncomfortable. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal and a summary in inc magazine review some tips that aid making connections in a crowd.

The WSJ story, written by Sue Shellenbarger, author of that publication’s “Work & Family” column, offers advice from people considered to be knowledgeable at “working a room” (including a networking consultant and an impression-management coach) and gives details about the how and why of certain moves.

On inc.com, contributing editor Bill Murphy, Jr., condenses the advice into 9 “Smart Habits of Highly Effective Networkers,” including:

      1. Do your homework.
      2. Read the room correctly.
      3. Be helpful.
      4. Be ready to shake hands.
      5. Study body language and eye contact.
      6. Focus on quality over quantity.
      7. Love the one you’re with.
      8. Be humble and authentic.
      9. Talk with people who aren’t talking with anyone.
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