Transformative Leadership Panel

Developing the Dynamic, Durable, Digital Supply Chain Leader –What supply chain education is all about now…and what companies need to know

This event took place on May 19

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AWESOME Advisor Mary Long, Managing Director of Global Supply Chain Institute’s Supply Chain Forum, University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Haslam College of Business, led an eye-opening discussion about how supply chain education is changing to prepare professionals who will hit the ground running in a whole new digital supply chain world. In addition to her academic role, Mary has experience in supply chain leadership positions for Campbell’s Soup, General Mills, Pillsbury, Quaker Oats/Gatorade and Domino’s, so the panel, including educators and graduates, also focused on what companies can expect from – and what they can do to attract  this new breed of professional.

Eva Ponce Cueto – Executive Director, MicroMasters Program in Supply Chain Management at MIT
Kate Kobza – 2018 AWESOME Scholar and graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; currently Associate Manager of Procurement for SC Johnson
Gabby Lamas Oporto – 2019 AWESOME/MIT Fellow, who earned a master’s degree from MIT; currently a Senior Process Engineer for Johnson & Johnson

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