Spotlight on our AWESOME 2019 Symposium Sponsors

We’d like to help you know our sponsors better by giving you a closer look at what matters to them. This Spotlight is on McDonald’s, a loyal supporter of AWESOME for multiple years and a 2019 Champion Sponsor.

In 2019, McDonald’s launched BETTER TOGETHER: Gender Balance & Diversity and underscored a strong commitment to create a business environment where “the full diversity of women feel recognized, represented and can advance in their careers, and in the growth of their businesses, without fear of bias.”

McDonald’s also has been working on their own and with other partners on a number of sustainability initiatives, including efforts to discover a scalable, sustainable fiber to-go cup. Read more about the NextGen Cup Challenge, the 12 preliminary winning ideas, and what the next steps will be.

McDonald’s Chief Supply Chain & Sustainability Officer is Francesca DeBiase, honored in 2017 with the AWESOME Legendary Leadership (ALL) Award.

For the Spotlight on Host Partner Starbucks, Founding Partner DSC Logistics, Champion Sponsor Johnson & Johnson or new Connector Sponsor CJ Logistics, click on the small graphics below the McDonald’s pages.

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