Past Events

AWESOME Symposiums

AWESOME hosts its signature event which brings together senior women leadersthroughout supply chain for learning and inspiration to advance women’s leadership in supply chain.

May 2019 Symposium
May 2018 Symposium
May 2017 Symposium
April 2016 Symposium
May 2015 Symposium
May 2014 Symposium
May 2013 Symposium

AWESOME Regional Events

AWESOME hosts its local event series which brings together women at a local level, giving them the opportunity to interact, support, and encourage each other to advance women’s leadership in supply chain.

2019 Regional Events
2018 Regional Events
2017 Regional Event


AWESOME participates in the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) premier event providing senior women leaders an opportunity to connect with each other and share their expertise with CSCMP participants. 

September 2017 CSCMP
September 2016 CSCMP
September 2015 CSCMP
September 2014 CSCMP
October 2013 CSCMP

Powered by AWESOME

AWESOME showcases senior women leaders that share their experience and expertise in industry events and serve as role models for supply chain leaders of the future.

2019 powered by AWESOME
2018 powered by AWESOME
2017 powered by AWESOME
2016 powered by AWESOME
2015 powered by AWESOME

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