Past Events

August 2021
Transformative Leadership Panel – Using Stories:  View Video
LIGHTNING Round – Doubling Down on Disruption: Planning Ramp-up and Rebalancing

June 2021
LIGHTNING Round – The War on Talent: Winning Strategies
LIGHTNING Round – Mixed Generation Teams
Lead-and-Succeed Workshop – Diversity Metrics That Matter: View Video

May 2021
Transformative Leadership Panel – Dynamic, Durable, Digital Supply Chain Leader: View Video
Cross-Industry Collaborations – The Collapse of the Linear Supply Chain
LIGHTNING Round – Company Culture: Taking a Stand (or Not)

April 2021
Transformative Leadership Panel – Aviation Transformation: View Video
LIGHTNING Round – Consumer Behaviors: One Year Later

March 2021
Cross-Industry Collaborations – The Future of Fresh and The Hot Demand for the Cold Chain
LIGHTNING Round – Dilemmas & Decisions: What’s NOW and NEXT for Supply Chain Leaders

February 2021
Transformative Leadership Panel – Invited to the Boardroom: View Video
LIGHTNING Round – Mandate or Educate?
Cross-Industry Collaboration, Part 1 – The Future of Fresh
Strategic Partnership Session – Women in Supply Chain – Leading the Way: View Video

January 2021
LIGHTNING Round – Work 2021: Remote or Return?
Transformative Leadership Panel – Straight Talk from Providers: View Video

November 2020
LIGHTNING Round – The Positives and Pressures of Women Working from Home
Transformative Leadership Panel – Surviving and Thriving: View Video

October 2020
AWESOME 2020 Mini-Symposium – Inspire, Lead and Accelerate Transformation: View Video

September 2020
Lead-and-Succeed Workshop – Elevating Your LinkedIn Impact
CSCMP Mega Session – Transforming Supply Chains: View Video

August 2020
“Up-Close” Conversation with Kathy Wengel: View Video
Lead-and-Succeed Workshop – Board Readiness

June 2020
AWESOME 2020 Mini-Symposium – Jumpstart the Transformation: View Video

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