Special Engagement for Symposium Partners

In 2017, representatives from Symposium Partner companies will come together to share insights and learn from each other about topics that are relevant to today’s leading businesses, focused on their supply chain and beyond. Participating in this session, which takes place before the Symposium officially begins on Wednesday, May 3, will be Fifth Anniversary Partners Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, and NIKE – and Founding Partner DSC Logistics.

041417rodrigFacilitator for the session is Deloitte’s Michelle Drew Rodriquez, an accomplished professional with nearly two decades of strategic and operational experience, having worked directly in the automotive industry as an engineer as well as currently serving as an advisor to global manufacturing executives. She has explored future trends impacting the manufacturing industry, including the changing nature of consumer expectations and the future of mobility. She has authored studies on strategies for driving growth and high value job creation in manufacturing sectors. Michelle has helped facilitate dialogue and collaboration between business leaders and public policy-makers regarding manufacturing competitiveness, the role of government, and the path to prosperity for countries and companies. AWESOME is honored to have Michelle facilitate our special best practice session.

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