AWESOME Virtual Events

Out-in-FRONT Talks

Informative, motivational talks by leaders who have extraordinary backgrounds and achievements and who are “out in front” of what’s happening in various areas of business, science, society, leadership, and life.

“Up-Close” Conversations

One-on-one interviews with experts, innovators, authors, and other recognized thought leaders who share their powerful and innovative ideas, as well as lessons from their career journeys and formative experiences.

Awards Celebrations

Presentation of the AWESOME Legendary Leadership (ALL) Award  followed by conversations with the honorees – outstanding women who have “achieved extraordinary professional excellence and success, addressed challenges impacting opportunities for women in our field, and advanced to the highest levels of leadership and roles with broadest impact.”

Transformative Leadership Panels

Discussion among senior supply chain leaders on topics relevant to these transformative times, focused on meaningful and action-oriented ideas about professional challenges, leadership strategies and/or successful supply chain strategies and approaches.


Rapid-fire discussions with audience participation on hot topics of high interest and high value to leaders who want to learn more or hear different perspectives, approaches, or outcomes.

Cross-Industry Collaborations

Interactive “working” sessions among supply chain leaders representing companies in a cross-section of industries who will use data, analysis, and brainstorming to arrive at new conclusions and solutions.

Lead-and-Succeed Workshops

Sessions featuring an expert or team of experts describing and demonstrating proven techniques, platforms or processes used successfully by individuals or groups to achieve goals and advance their career and their leadership.

Strategic Partnership Sessions

Programs jointly developed by AWESOME and other high-impact organizations with common areas of interest, bringing to the forefront the best knowledge and key strengths of both organizations.

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