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May 9-11, 2018

Sixth Annual AWESOME Symposium

Orlando World Center Marriott

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Logistics Management Webcast

Women in Logistics
Breaking Gender Roles to Win the War for Talent

According to the findings of Logistics Management’s 2017 Salary Survey, the vital role women play in the logistics management community continues to gain traction every year.

In this webcast, originally aired in June, executive editor Patrick Burnson shares recent findings and joined by a panel of women who are now leading top-level logistics and supply chain operations.

The panel shares their success stories as well as advice for women who are now making their way up the ladder. Most importantly, though, they inform our audience not to overlook this important segment of the workforce when they are hiring for the future.

  • What recruiters and their clients are looking for, and how to address the twin objectives of filling the “talent and diversity gaps”
  • How a grass roots organization is paving the way for others
  • How one organization leverages its size to help employers find qualified industry leadership
  • How companies are addressing the critical driver shortage by hiring more women to staff this vital part of the supply chain
      Tisha Danehl, VP Ajilon
      Andrea Morriera, Director of Social Media, Women in Logistics (WIL)
      Ellen Voie, President and CEO, Women in Trucking Association

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