Thank you for your interest in the 2016 AWESOME Symposium.

Senior-level supply women leaders in supply chain who are connected to the AWESOME network have received invitations by email. We also welcome women who have not yet connected with AWESOME – but who are eligible according to AWESOME criteria, and who would like to participate.

After reviewing the criteria, if you are eligible and would like to receive an invitation, please email

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Chief Supply Chain Officers, VPs and Directors with supply chain responsibilities at manufacturing, retail, technology or other companies managing complex supply chains
  • C-suite and VP level leaders in large logistics and supply chain companies, including aerospace, aviation, rail and ocean companies ($500 million and above)
  • C-suite leaders in medium-sized logistics and supply chain companies ($100 – $500 million)
  • Partners, practice leaders, or directors of consulting firms in supply chain management, engineering, technology or other related fields
  • Senior leaders in government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focused on transportation and infrastructure
  • General / Flag Officers or other select senior leaders in military logistics or purchasing / acquisition roles
  • Professors of leading or emerging university-level programs in logistics and supply chain, engineering, information technology and other related programs
  • CEOs and Executive Directors of logistics or supply chain industry organizations

Please Note: If you are interested in AWESOME but are not currently in one of categories listed in our criteria, please continue to visit our web site. AWESOME plans to expand activities that will include Up-and-Coming Leaders (who are not yet at Director, VP, or C-suite level) and we’d like to stay in touch with you.

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