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Disaster-Proofing Your Supply Chain


On July 26, we had an amazing Lead-and-Succeed virtual workshop where industry leaders from our 2023 Sponsor, C.H. Robinson, led a discussion on a critical topic: contingency planning for transportation-related disruptions. Our panel of experts shared valuable insights into identifying risks, developing flexible strategies, and utilizing technology to help supply chains stay resilient when disasters occur. 

Here are some inspiring takeaways from the event: 

  • “A lot of carriers and drivers now have apps where you can understand their visibility, and we still have APIs and integration…So all of those things have led us to where we now have more access to data than we ever have.”
  • “Within your supply chains, do you have areas or opportunities that you could better balance the cost and service trade-offs that may exist in the LTL market? With a multi-carrier strategy that is going to not only align your freight lanes with the carrier’s priority areas, but it can also reduce cost.”
  • “So predictive ETA’s, that’s a really big hot topic, right? What happens is we use all that information and calculate through our algorithms what the ETA can be. In the supply chain, we should all be looking at our ETA’s and understanding the predictiveness of it and accuracy.”
  • “The reality is when these disruptive events occur, when it is something that you can see coming, have a little bit of time to react, or it’s a complete surprise, having the ability to see where things are in your supply chain and work with your teams on how to salvage the situation, to mitigate certain types of impacts. Having the data available is absolutely critical, and there are so many different ways to go about that. And there are so many tools that are available today.”

Watch the recording of the live discussion: Click here.

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