Reality Check

The newest REALITY CHECK – Volume Five: “How We Make Things Happen -— Reaching New Levels of Leadership” is now available for download.

AWESOME has released five reports of “collected wisdom” on the dynamics of women’s supply chain leadership under the theme of “REALITY CHECK.” The insights and observations included in the five volumes are a “listening-based” record of the up-to-date thinking of leading professionals. The comments and conclusions were collected at AWESOME events, including the first AWESOME Symposium in May 2013, AWESOME programs at the CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals) Global Conference in Denver in October 2013, the second AWESOME Symposium in May 2014, the third Symposium hosted by Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick, New Jersey in May 2015, and the fourth Symposium hosted by NIKE, Inc. in Portland and Beaverton, Oregon.

REALITY CHECK – Volume One: What We Now Know focuses on strengths, obstacles and strategies related to women’s leadership.

REALITY CHECK – Volume Two: What We Learned in Denver captures insights into some circumstances that provide both challenges and opportunities for women, as well as the benefits of a strong women’s network to address those circumstances.

REALITY CHECK – Volume Three: What We Can Do takes the discussions to another level by identifying actual steps that can be taken to encourage diversity, women’s advancement and women’s leadership throughout the industry.

REALITY CHECK – Volume Four: The New Realities of Women’s Supply Chain Leadership suggests there are interesting developments in supply chain with promising signs that the outlook is improving for women in leadership roles.

REALITY CHECK – Volume Five: How We Make Things Happen – Reaching New Levels of Leadership Leadership highlights developments in the field and concludes that progress for women’s leadership depends on the companies, the champions of women’s advancement within those companies, and the women themselves.

  • Reality Check, Vol. 1


    Download “Reality Check, Volume 1: What We Know Now.”

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  • Reality Check, Vol. 2


    Download “Reality Check, Volume 2: What We Learned in Denver.”

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  • Reality Check, Vol. 3


    Download “Reality Check, Volume 3: What We Can Do.”

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  • Reality Check, Vol. 4


    Download “Reality Check, Volume 4: The New Realities of
    Women’s Supply Chain Leadership.”

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  • Reality Check, Vol. 5

    Download “Reality Check, Volume 5:
    How We Make Things Happen.”

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