Collective Wisdom

As the foremost initiative dedicated to building a worldwide network and advancing women supply chain leaders, AWESOME provides an ongoing and far-reaching forum for exchanging our ideas, sharing and comparing our experiences, finding solutions to our challenges and expanding our individual and combined knowledge-base. Through AWESOME, women executives meet each other, talk about supply chain topics, focus on women’s leadership issues, explore connections and collaborations, and work together to develop the next generation of women supply chain leaders.

Part of our mission is to share information and learning – the Collective Wisdom – of AWESOME women. Think of it as the listening-based record of up-to-date thinking of supply chain leaders.

Here you’ll find wisdom of four types:

AWESOME INSIGHTS are the summaries and key points of important discussions and conversations taking place at AWESOME events and elsewhere throughout our industry and the business community at large.

WORDS OF WISDOM are quotes from people involved in the conversation: How can women be better, stronger, more successful in our supply chain leadership roles? What kinds of circumstances do women still face in our industry? How can we make the environment and the culture more conducive to advancing women supply chain leaders?

REALITY CHECK: These six volumes of insights and observations contain the most significant wisdom collected at AWESOME’s events: Beginning with the first AWESOME Symposium in May 2013 and continuing through the Fifth Anniversary Symposium in 2017 plus CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals) at the 2013 Global Conference in October of 2013.

THE AWESOME REPORT: Published in November of 2014, this report presents key comments from the six sessions on Diversity & Inclusion, which were coordinated and powered by AWESOME and which featured AWESOME women as panelists and moderators, at the CSCMP Global Conference in September of 2014.

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