Cross-Industry Collaboration

The products we use, and the supply chain which create them, are becoming more connected and more digitized every day. As our cars, planes, factories, smartphones and more evolve, so too must the way we build and maintain them.

Enter digital twin technology – which allows those in all areas of supply chain to use a virtual representation of a product to analyze current and future performance. It can help with optimizing processes and increasing efficiencies and allow your team to make real-time decisions driven by data. It may not be a crystal ball – but it’s the next best thing!     

Laura Carpenter, a Manager at Deloitte that specializes in Digital Supply Networks and delivering strategic insights derived from advanced analytics, shared how digital twin technology is transforming the supply chain industry, and how it can help you have a competitive advantage and stay ahead of disruption. She has recently focused on quality analytics and predictive maintenance in the industrial products and construction industry.

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