Cross-Industry Collaboration

The Future of Fresh

This event took place on February 3

AWESOME is partnering with Deloitte to provide “working” sessions among supply chain leaders representing companies in a cross-section of industries will brainstorm solutions and compare strategies on one of today’s most pressing supply chain challenges. Leaders throughout the supply chain – including manufacturers, service providers, and retailers – face the challenge of delivering products with high requirements for freshness and quality to consumers at higher margins while reducing waste and utilizing new technology.

Part 1 of The Future of Fresh occurred on February 3 and included background information and knowledge shared by Susan Yang from Deloitte’s highly respected supply chain consultancy, known for thought leadership based on sound data and research. The follow-up session on this topic will be held on March 17 to discuss key learnings, recommendations, and viewpoints.

Moderator: Susan Yang – Senior Manager, Deloitte

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