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Harnassing the power of Generative AI in supply chain


At our Cross-Industry Collaboration event earlier this week, we heard from Deloitte experts Laura Carpenter and Susan Yang, about how Generative AI is revolutionizing supply chain. Their presentations shed light on the cutting-edge applications and potential of Generative AI, leaving our attendees inspired and well-equipped to harness this technology to its full advantage in their respective fields.… Continue reading

AccessAWESOME Atlanta

On September 19, 2023, an amazing AccessAWESOME Regional event in Atlanta AWESOME Advisory Board members, Regenia Sanders–Principal at EY, Jennifer McKeehan– Senior Vice President, Transportation and Delivery at Walmart, and Michelle Livingstone–Former Vice President – Transportation!
We were joined by a group of fantastic women in Atlanta for a night of networking,… Continue reading

ESG & Supply Chain

We brought the lighting, but our AWESOME women brought the thunder. This month’s LIGHTING Round discussions about the ever-growing ESG topic ignited a storm of passionate conversations, sparking innovative ideas and critical thinking among industry leaders. The event was a powerful blend of networking, resource-sharing, and community.… Continue reading

Disaster-Proofing Your Supply Chain

On July 26, we had an amazing Lead-and-Succeed virtual workshop where industry leaders from our 2023 Sponsor, C.H. Robinson, led a discussion on a critical topic: contingency planning for transportation-related disruptions. Our panel of experts shared valuable insights into identifying risks, developing flexible strategies, and utilizing technology to help supply chains stay resilient when disasters occur. … Continue reading

Navigating the Future of Work

During this event, we had an insightful LIGHTING Round conversation with an amazing group of AWESOME Leaders who shared their views about the future of work. This topic generated a lot of discussion! We heard thoughtful stories and insights about expected (and unexpected!) changes that have occurred over the last 3 years and how we,… Continue reading

DISCOVER Career Chat with CEO, Michelle Dilley

On Tuesday, May 23rd, AWESOME’s CEO, Michelle Dilley, joined DISCOVER, a cross-industry organization that focuses on the leadership, development, and advancement of people of color in a global supply chain organization, for a career chat virtual event. During this conversation, Michelle shared stories about her career journey, talked about lessons learned,… Continue reading