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Supply Chain leaders view innovation as critical and achievable

AWESOME leaders explored supply chain innovation from many angles at the Mega Session powered by AWESOME at the 2017 CSCMP Edge conference. They gave insights on what innovation is and isn’t, what gains can be achieved, what the barriers are, and how companies can create an innovation-friendly environment. They also gave examples of high-impact results their companies – Caterpillar, GE, The Home Depot, and Unilever – have been able to achieve through innovation. Continue reading

Nancy Nix recommends saying “yes” as a way to build a career and give back to the supply chain profession.

On September 25, Nancy Nix became the second woman to be presented with the Distinguished Service Award by the Council of Supply Chain Professionals (CSCMP) in the award’s 53-year history. Her career includes successful roles as a practitioner, educator, thought leader, researcher, speaker, CSCMP officer and Board member, and, since 2014, Executive Director of AWESOME.
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