Michelle Dilley will be AWESOME’s new CEO

Announcement from Ann Drake, Founder and Chairman of AWESOME

We are extremely excited to share the news that Michelle Dilley will be the new CEO of AWESOME, joining us on July 20,, 2020. Michelle is coming to us from DSC Logistics, now CJ Logistics America, where she is Chief Operating Officer and has been an active participant in AWESOME. Most recently, she shared leadership insights as a panelist on June 11 in AWESOME’s first Jumpstart the Transformation 2020 virtual event. Continue reading

Results of AWESOME/Gartner 2020 Women in Supply Chain Survey

Results of the fifth annual Women in Supply Chain Survey — conducted through a partnership of AWESOME and Gartner Research to track the progress of women in the supply chain field – will be released next week. One key finding is that an historic 17% of top jobs (CSCOs, EVPs, SVPs) in surveyed organizations are held by women, up from 9% five years ago. The full report will be release on awesomeleaders.org, and more data and analysis will be presented in a Gartner webinar on July 21. Registration for the webinar is open now. Continue reading

Kirsten Castillo starts up supply chain for Minnesotans in need

In recent days, Kirsten Castillo, AWESOME’s Vice President of Engagement, has had two extra fulltime jobs. She’s been in charge of coordinating the Zoom technology for AWESOME’s first Jumpstart the Transformation 2020 virtual event – a mini-Symposium on June 11. At the same time, in her hometown of Minneapolis, she and her brother along with family and friends organized a start-up supply chain to distribute food and other essential items to people in the neighborhoods hit hardest by the combination of health, economic and social crises. Continue reading

AWESOME Founder and Chairman Ann Drake launches new organization to impact women’s leadership

With seven of years of AWESOME experience – and 25 years as Chairman and CEO of DSC Logistics – Ann Drake decided she could do even more. In late 2019, she started Lincoln Road Enterprises (LRE) to advance the influence and contributions of women in business, supply chain, engineering/technology, infrastructure/design, and space. Continue reading

Strategy Magazine features interview with AWESOME Founder and Chairman Ann Drake

In an article titled “Leading women on an AWESOME path,” Strategy magazine describes how Ann Drake, who founded AWESOME when she was Chairman and CEO of DSC Logistics, realized the time was right to advance women’s leadership in the traditionally male field of logistics and supply chain management. Ann now serves as Chairman of AWESOME, which has grown to be a community of more than 1500 senior women leaders in supply chain. Continue reading