• Words of Wisdom

“Setbacks are a part of any profession, but at the end of the day, you have to turn each one of those moments into a positive.”

— Carli Lloyd, member of the US soccer team that won two Olympic Gold medals and the 2012 World Cup, in in an interview in the Makers video series. She talks about how, after being cut from the U.S Under 21 National Team, she had to put new effort into honing her skills, her and her character to reinvent her career and reach her peak performance. Continue reading

“Every one of you acts as the standard bearer for your colleagues, for your staff, for students who come and intern at your company and for your own daughters.”

— Jackie Sturm, recipient of the 2016 AWESOME Legendary Leadership Award, referring to how women can further their own career prospects and those of other women. Read more of Jackie’s comments at the AWESOME Symposium, as well as insights from Annette Clayton, Jackie’s co-recipient.

“We see the beauty of power and the power of beauty. We see old stereotypes fall and a new generation rise. We see women in motion and in their element. We see beauty and bravado, gutsiness and grace, rivalry and revelry. We see joy. We see her and her and her and we see the future. We see athletes.”

— Inspiring words from the Nike video that opened the 2016 AWESOME Symposium hosted by NIKE, Inc. in April. Serena Williams was the voice-over for the video, which reflects Nike’s view that “If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

“As commander of my unit, I’m powerful. I’m dedicated. Gender does not limit us in the United States.”

— Deshauna Barber, Army Reserve officer and logistics commander who represented Washington, D.C. in the Miss USA contest and who will now represent the U.S. in the Miss Universe contest. She also works as an IT analyst for the U.S. Department of Commerce and is the first-ever member of the U.S. military to win the competition.
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