• Words of Wisdom

“We were at a generational change…I see the same thing happening again.”

Kathy Wengel, Worldwide Vice President of Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain (JJSC), AWESOME Advisor, and recipient of the 2014 AWESOME Legendary Leadership Award, in an interview for strategicsourceror.com, speaking about her experience as a young woman embarking on a career that was typically male. She adds, “I was fortunate that J&J was a very forward-looking company…” Continue reading

“It is important in any organization you’re in, to never settle and become complacent with the status quo.”

— Julie Ludwig, a student at Miami University and one of five university women receiving an AWESOME Excellence in Education Scholarship to attend the CSCMP annual conference and the AWESOME Symposium. The five 2016 recipients bring the total of AWESOME Scholars to 17, including two recipients in 2013, five in 2014, and five in 2015. Continue reading

“Where there was no critical mass of women, we became one.”

— Jacki Zehner, first female trader to be invited to join the Goldman Sachs partnership talking in a Makers video about her career in what she calls a “hyper male-dominated culture.” As a partner, she founded the fixed income women’s network and now says her passion is to encourage women to “own their power and own their capacity to create change.” Continue reading