• Words of Wisdom

“To lift the economy, make it easier for women to work.”

— Janet Yellen, Chair of the Federal Reserve, in a speech at her alma mater, Brown University. According to an article on Bloomberg.com, her speech, titled “So We All Can Succeed: 125 Years of Women’s Participation in the Economy,” stresses that holding back 50% of the population back from reaching their full potential is detrimental to our country’s growth and prosperity. Continue reading

“I never dreamed of being a corporate leader when I was a young woman.”

Ann Drake, CEO of DSC Logistics and founder of AWESOME in an interview with Supply Chain Quarterly. She continues, “But finding myself here, I enjoy watching people grow and helping them grow, meeting challenges head on and rising above them, working together on different, complex challenges, and making customers happy. Those are all really rewarding.”