• Words of Wisdom

“Leading with a common, clear resonant goal”

“A good leader, a valuable leader, a constructive leader, is one that believes in organizational health. And a healthy organization, one that has a common, clear resonant goal and vision and aspiration…that has a culture of trust and teamwork – I think a leader who can enculturate those types of things in their organization is going to be tremendously successful.”

—Panel discussion, AWESOME & CSCMP events, October 2013

“Fast-paced field”

“The main reasons for liking the field of logistics and supply chain management have not changed greatly over the years. What respondents continue to like best is that the field is challenging and fast-paced.”

—Martha Cooper, Professor of Marketing and Logistics, The Ohio State University, on findings from annual survey

“Being flexible and responsive”

“The roots of your culture are to be preserved and to be respected, and they’re part of your value system…your company’s DNA. But you also have to have those wings that allow your company to take flight in different directions, to be flexible and responsive and nimble to opportunities.”

—Panel discussion, AWESOME & CSCMP events, October 2013