• Words of Wisdom

“I feel like I need to do something perfectly, and if I can’t, there’s something wrong with me.”

– One of the young women interviewed for the whitepaper recently released by the Global Supply Chain Institute in the Haslam School of Business at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. This reference to “the perfection trap” is one of the topics covered in the report, “Young Professionals Perspectives on Supply Chain Diversity and Inclusion.”

“It is so important for young college women to have strong and courageous mentors and role models. Surrounding ourselves with confident leadership and accomplished women inspire and encourage us to pursue our goals and take risks.”

— Kendall Grafton, president of the student organization NeXxus at the University of Tennessee Knoxville after hearing remarks from Heather Sheehan, who was selected by NeXxus as Outstanding Woman in Supply Chain.

“Never pass up an opportunity to grow.”

— Captain Amy Bauernschmidt, the first female executive officer (XO) of a U.S. nuclear warship, referring to the advice from her mother that helped her overcome obstacles. Continue reading

“When women see other women in a position of leadership, it reframes what they think is possible to them.”

— Kat Cole, chief operating officer and president of North America for Focus Brands Inc., whose chains include Cinnabon, Jamba Juice and Auntie Anne’s, as quoted in Wall Street Journal article on how sexual harassment and the gender gap are related.