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Gender-masking may get in the way of solving gender bias

Many companies that are concerned about gender bias getting in the way of fair hiring practices have turned to gender-masking, such as removing names from resumes or altering voices on phone interviews. But Katharine Zaleski, president and a co-founder of PowerToFly.com, writes in an essay in the New York Times that “Gender-masking tools do nothing to address the culture of a company.” Continue reading

An inside look at the hurricanes and The Home Depot

In the hours before a hurricane, what do people need most as they try to prepare their homes for the worst? Plywood, hammer and nails, tarps, tape, ropes. Where do they turn? For many, it’s the urgent run to The Home Depot that may make a difference between protection and destruction. AWESOME asked Michelle Livingstone, VP of Transportation for The Home Depot, for a behind-the-scenes look. Continue reading