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Jill Zunshine

Jill Zunshine, SLCR & CPSM, is a corporate real estate, procurement, supply chain, and operations executive, an MBA and Engineer with over 20 years in technology, financial services, telecom, manufacturing, and consumer products. Over the last decade, Jill was accountable for many billions of assets and expenses, working with CEOs, CFOs, Board Chairs, and Executive Committee members. She’s an expert in business productivity, having played a part in a dozen major corporate restructurings and having completed 50 outsourcing deals worth $3 billion per year.

As Head of Global Real Estate & Facilities at Hewlett-Packard Company, Jill was responsible for all corporate real estate functions at HP worldwide for all HP facilities including offices, data centers, labs, manufacturing plants, and warehouses totaling 60 million square feet for HP’s workforce of 300,000. Jill completed aggressive goals for fiscal 2014, and earned praise from Meg Whitman, HP’s CEO.

In 2012, Jill was named HP’s Chief Negotiator for the General Motors in-sourcing deal. GM was bringing its IT work in-house worth $600 million per year to HP. Jill achieved great results, securing a sizable project services commitment from GM as well as much better margins for HP.

Previously, Jill was the Vice President of HP Global Procurement for the Americas, leading all procurement activities and teams for the Americas region. Prior to joining HP, she held executive roles in procurement, supply chain, and operations at Deutsche Bank and Lucent Technologies.

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