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AWESOME Leaders share expertise at GT Nexus Bridges event

On July 12, a panel powered by AWESOME, discussed “Leveraging Technology and Building Connections to Compete in a Networked Future.” The discussion focused on connecting people, processes and data to create agile supply networks and end-to-end visibility.

Following the event, comments on twitter included:

      ”Loving the Data Quality aspect of the #AWESOME Technology discussion with Boeing, J&J and Sims Metal Management!”

One of the panelists, Meri Stevens, VP Strategy & Deployment, Johnson & Johnson, observed that the ROI of new technologies is dramatic and “we’ve just begun to explore the new opportunities they unlock.”

Joining Meri on the panel were Norma Clayton, VP Learning, Training & Development (retired), The Boeing Company, and Felicia Dinkel, VP Global Logistics, Sims Metal Management. Heather Sheehan, AWESOME Director of Member Engagement & Sponsorships, moderated the discussion.

Additional questions posed to the panel include:

    • In what areas have you used tech or automation to enhance collaboration with both internal and external partners?
    • Where have you seen some of the biggest successes and failures in implementing technology in supply chain? Why?
    • What has been your experience with acquisitions and the associated integration of supply chain technologies? What works? What doesn’t?
    • What is the role of your company’s IT function in supply chain technology decisions and implementations? Are there challenges you are working to improve between IT and SC functions?
    • How can technology play a role in supporting the development of people in supply chain?
    • What have you learned from benchmarking the technology at other companies outside your industry? How did you adapt those tech lessons to your own company?

As the impact and influence of women in the supply chain field increases, AWESOME is connecting professionals with new roles as thought leaders and expert panelists at industry events through the powered by AWESOME program.

Bridges is an industry leading event for supply chain technology, bringing together top supply chain executives from the world’s largest companies. This year’s conference was held in New York City as part of Inforum, which showcases technology innovations and solutions.

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