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AWESOME leader encourages others to reach back for AWE scholarship

Michelle Livingstone, VP Transportation, The Home Depot, and recipient of the 2019 AWESOME Legendary Leadership Award, considered which women in her company could benefit most from earning a master’s degree at MIT on the AWESOME/MIT Advancing Women through Education (AWE) Scholarship. She encouraged Elizabeth Raman Grubbs, a Senior Data Analyst at The Home Depot, to apply. Elizabeth (Liz) was selected and she’s now attending MIT’s graduate supply chain management  program.

The AWE Scholarship is being offered again this year, and applications are being accepted for the 2020-2021 academic year. The application deadline is January 1, 2020, and qualified candidates who apply earlier will receive guidance from MIT in navigating the application requirements.

Michelle decided to take an active role in referring a candidate last year because, as she says, “As I advanced in my own career, I realized the importance and value of helping other women achieve their career potential.  I am also a strong advocate of advanced education because education is something that can never be taken away.  When I learned about the partnership of AWESOME and MIT to offer this wonderful scholarship, I knew immediately it would be a great opportunity for a high-potential leader who is early in her career.

“Liz, whom I have mentored for a couple of years, is bright, energetic to learn new things, and a perfect fit for the program.  I encourage all AWESOME leaders to learn more and consider those in their network who meet the criteria to apply for this unique opportunity.”

Potential applicants can be directed to learn more at www.mitctl.com/awe-scholarship.

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