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AWESOME announces panelists for September 18 Mega Session

The critical issues related to supply chain talent will be addressed at CSCMP EDGE on Wednesday, September 18, in a powered by AWESOME mega session: Leveraging Talent to Innovate, Disrupt and Scale Your Supply Chain. Use the AWESOME code EDGE19-AWESOME for a discount on CSCMP Registration ($400 savings).

Panelists are:

      Kristin French, Chief of Staff, Defense Logistics Agency, US Department of Defense
      Sally Miller, CIO North America, DHL
      Trish Young, VP, Strategic Enterprise Capabilities, Value Streams, NIKE, Inc
      Beth Ward, SVP, Supply Chain, Hallmark

Dana Stiffler, VP Research, Gartner, will present key findings of her research on talent and moderate the discussion.

The discussion will focus on the business imperative that acquiring, retaining, developing and advancing talent has now become. With new technologies and the digitization of businesses constantly presenting significant challenges and opportunities, supply chain innovation is critical to success – and talent is critical to innovation.

The panelists will give insights on the talent needed to be successful in the future as well as what talent strategies companies are employing to innovate, disrupt and scale supply chains for value creation. They’ll also talk about how diversity can be leveraged to attract and retain top talent to meet supply chain goals.

View list of more AWESOME leaders participating as panelists or speakers at EDGE 2019.

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