Woman Scientist Finally Recognized for Break-through Achievement

In the 1960s, when Jocelyn Bell Burnell was a top graduate student at Cambridge University, she was dedicated to a project of exploring the universe in search of “pulsars” — collapsed stars that are now considered among the most important astronomical finds of the 20th century. But in 1974, when the discovery was recognized as a break-through and her advisor was presented with the Nobel Prize, Bell Burnell’s name wasn’t mentioned. Continue reading

Students Learn First-Hand about the Impact of Logistics and Supply Chain

Almost 100 new students to the University of San Diego campus began the school year by participating in a disaster simulation exercise designed to show how supply chain decisions affect people’s lives – especially during a disaster. Mary Long, director of USD’s Supply Chain Management Institute (SCMI) and an AWESOME Advisor, included the exercise in orientation activities as an engaging way to introduce more students to the impact of the supply chain field. Continue reading

American Logistics Aid Network jumps into action for Hurricane Lane

The American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) activated prior to Lane’s landfall on the Hawaiian Islands in August, hosting several days of coordination calls to share information and assist with any issues arising from disruptions to supply chains for businesses operating in Hawaii. Kathy Fulton, Executive Director of ALAN, spoke about the organization’s work at the 2018 AWESOME Symposium and in a follow-up story. Continue reading